Keep your WordPress covered.

  1. Make your site less vulnerable to hacks
  2. Have a safety net in case your site is hacked
  3. Keep your site working correctly
  4. Have a backup handy in case something catastrophic happens to your host’s server.
  • There are more reasons, but those are the top 4!

All plans include

  • Backups made before updates
  • Weekly backups of the site, stored on an external secure server
  • Weekly security updates
  • Monthly security scans
  • Security plugin installed + monitored
  • 2 free hours clean-up if malicious code is found
  • Quarterly pruning of unnecessary plugins + outdated
  • Immediate removal of any plugin with a reported security threat
  • Periodic tests of contact form (if you have one)

Simple Pricing

Small Business WordPress Sites*

  • 1 Site is $95/mo
  • $80 for each additional site
  • Get 2 free months for paying annually.

*Please note that if your WordPress site is currently in disrepair you may be charged a start-up fee of $375.

Course & Membership WordPress Sites*

  • 1 Site is $225/mo
  • $175 for each additional site
  • Get 2 free months for paying annually.

*Please note that if your WordPress Membership site is currently in disrepair you may be charged a start-up fee of $1,250.


Uh oh… I’m not sure how many WordPress Sites I have?

No worries, email us at and we’ll get you sorted. 🙂

Could my website still get hacked?

Bummer, but yes, it’s always possible… it’s part of the risk of being on the web these days. However, your chances of getting hacked are way less when you make the regular updates included in this package. According to WPBeginner, 83% of hacked WordPress sites had not been updated. Plus, we offer weekly backups of your website… so if your site does get hacked, we can restore an older, clean version.

And, if your site gets hacked while you’re in this package, there is NO charge for up to two hours of cleaning and re-securing the site. We have YOUR back.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No. You may cancel at any time. If you cancel mid-cycle, we will continue the upgrade service for the duration of your monthly or annual cycle. We do not provide pro-rated refunds. Once your cycle ends, no further invoices nor upgrades and backups will be made.

You did not build my WordPress site, can I sign up for a maintenance package?


However, if once we see your backend and your site is really in trouble from too many plugins or error-filled code, we will contact you immediately to let you know and there may be an additional fee for us to clean up your site so we can maintain it. In rare cases, your site may be so poorly built that we cannot maintain it. If that is the case, will refund you 100% immediately and refer you to a new web developer to rebuild your site.

Are website changes included in this package?

Nope. RCVane offers hourly or monthly retainers for day-to-day changes and quotes for extensive changes. If you’d like more info on those please contact Rachel:

Details, details…

Weekly backups

We use a premium plugin, called BackupBuddy. Backups are stored on your server and on our DropBox account (being stored on DropBox is crucial if anything were to happen with your server crashing). What this means to you: if for any reason your site goes down, this will ensure it can be restored quickly and easily.

Weekly software updates

Just like the software on your phone, the software on your website needs to be updated frequently. This helps guard your site from potential hacks and keeps your site running smoothly. For some major releases, I may wait until the next minor update, to avoid bugs that can cause problems to your site.

Security Coverage

We use tools (a plugin and other scanning software) to monitor your site’s security to do everything possible to protect it from being hacked.

More Questions?

Always, always, happy to answer questions. Email Rachel at or schedule a quick 15 minute chat here.