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Your business is successful + you’re ready to offer an online membership or revamp your current one.

You’ve got more clients or students than you can handle one-on-one and you have an audience — or maybe you’ve already launched a successful online ecourse or membership. And now you’re ready to have your own custom-built space to house your ecourse(s) and/or ongoing membership, a custom discussion area, and maybe more.  Maybe you’ve tried to fit your business to fit into to a third-party platform, but you now want a site built specifically for you and how you and your members will use it. Or maybe you’re just getting started, but you have a large audience, a proof of concept and you’re ready to do it right the first time.

Good to know: The membership websites I create are not (typically) for online beginners or low-budget startups. Custom membership websites are for you when you can invest a decent amount, to receive an even better return on your investment.

  • A 100% unique membership website
  • A membership site that is easier for you to edit
  • Planning out a site to meet you + your members’ needs
  • Offer ecourses and an ongoing membership on the same website
  • Make using the site easier for your members

Custom Membership Site

A custom website for an online membership and/or ecourses.
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Custom Opt-in Landing Page
  • Custom Design Sales Page
  • Complete Membership or Course Setup
  • One Membership or Course with 3 tiers

Starting from $16,000

Add Ons

  • Additional Course
  • Additional Membership
  • Custom BuddyPress
  • Ecommerce
  • Something else?

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