How to write a homepage

When you sit down to write a homepage, you may feel overwhelmed, and a bit confused.

You have only seconds to make a good first impression. And most importantly, you only have those few seconds to show them what they came to find. Here are some main elements of successful home pages.


Who you are, what you offer and who it’s for.

Ideally, in simple and plain language. This sounds like the easiest task, but can be very difficult when you dig into it, especially when you’re hesitant to narrow your audience. Also, keep in mind that you can separate these out, so you might have the “who” part in the logo. Here are some examples:

  • Networking for women who make their own rules.
  • Advice and courses for single dads with young kids.
  • Impressionistic floral painting lessons for new painters.
  • Certified Electrician for residential homes in the Phoenix metro area.


What are they looking for?

This can vary significantly depending on your business. For the most part, people want to know what your offering include, how much it costs, and how to get started. In some cases they may be you’ll need to decide how to get them the information they need, as easily as possible.

So right under your main heading section, you’ll want to decide what information people will need right away.

  • If you’re a restaurant, you’ll want your menu, address, and phone number very easy to find.
  • If you’re a business coach, you might want to briefly list the ways to work with you and link to other pages for more information.


Proof & expertise

These are the reasons your readers should know, like & trust you. There are several ways to do this and you can include multiple sections:

  • List of or logos of companies you’ve worked with
  • List of or logos of places you’ve been mentioned, featured or published.
  • Testimonial(s)
  • Featured or recent blog posts that showcase your expertise
  • Images of your work (if applicable)


Call to action

What would you like the reader to do next? Download something free to get on your email list? Read a special page? Contact you for a free consult? Make this clear and easy to do.

While there’s a whole bunch more “stuff” you could add to your homepage, try to really keep it simple and targeted. Think about the main goal of your site, and really use this page to be the first step to reaching that goal.

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