For best results: Start with ONE specific, measurable goal for your website

One. One is the loneliest number since the number two…

So sad, right?! Only one.

Why? Isn’t 2 or 3 better than one?

Let me ask you one question:

Are you getting the results you want from your website? Or do you have a website yet? If the answer is no to either, I’m willing to bet you have not really focused and chosen one specific, measurable goal.

Step #1

Think about your business goals.

I like to think about more immediate goals first, like: I need to book 1 client project a month. Then I break that down with the approximate numbers that I know: Typically about half the people I talk to about their project become clients, so I need to talk to at least 2 prospective clients per month.

Therefore, I need about 2 people per month to contact me via my website to hit my short-term goal.

You can also apply this to longer-term goals: “Build a list of people who may become clients and who also may be interested in products I create in the future.”

Then I brainstorm a bit:

Well, I know that once people read a couple of my blog posts, they some times sign up to receive my posts via email. How could I create more value for people to sign up for my list?

Therefore, I may need to create something of value to give people, so they’ll sign up for my email list to hit my long-term goal of building that list.

Step #2

Decide what the number 1 goal of your site is for your first-time visitor.

Sorry, have “them buy from me” is not it. 😉

The likelihood that a stranger will land on your website and buy something from you is very, very low.

You have to think a bit more like the “networking” process: first, they have to know, like and trust you/your business… then they’ll buy. So set your site up to facilitate that process.

Take a few minutes and really think about how people can get to know you/your business in an online space. Is it by reading your blog posts? Seeing your work or process? Doing a free trial? Following you on Instagram? Or maybe the best way really is to have people talk to you/your team directly?

Step #3

Your goal needs to be something you can measure.

Examples of realistic goals for first-timers to your site (remember you want just ONE):

  • You get their email addy via a free offer or blog subscription 
  • They get a Free-Trial period of your product
  • They see your product/service in action (like in a demo)
  • They request/schedule a Consultation
  • They fill out a contact form
  • Follow you on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc. (you have to pick one platform)

All of the above goals can be measured with the results + a free tool you can add to your site, called Google analytics. You can totally make up your own goal, just make sure it’s specific enough that you can measure it.

For example, let’s revisit the example of wanting 2 inquiries per month. If I see that if 100 people visit my site in one month and only 1 person actually filled it out the form (the results), that leaves me with only a 1% conversion rate.

Step #4

Set up your site to push your visitors to do what you want them to do (i.e. convert).

So, before we talk about getting more people to your site, let’s talk about how you can set your site up, so they actually do what you want them to when they get there! Things you can plan and/or set up right away:

  • Make it easy for people to contact you or fill out your opt-in form, etc. (i.e., is it very obvious on multiple parts of your site?)
  • Do I need to give people more info (like the process, a portfolio or testimonials) before they are directed to the contact page or opt-in form?
  • Am I clearly showing and telling the value of my product/service/free offer?

If you already have a site, small changes are best, so adjust one or two things and see if anything changes in a month. After a month, review your numbers and repeat.

Once your site starts performing well, you can add in an additional goal or 2.

While I am a firm believer there is no right/wrong way to do anything (especially business!), but if you’re not getting results and/or you’re just starting out, I recommend starting with one goal… so you learn over time how to make your website to work for you.

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